This is just a placeholder page to identify and catalog other potential content for this site.

Questions to be considered – 

What is the mission of the working group?
Who is the audience for this website?
Do we want to keep a blog going?

How do we differentiate between courses that teach VR and courses that use VR to teach?

Same for research – there are faculty researching VR as well as faculty using VR to support other research?

Researching VR development and implementation

Was LaVAlle and Yershova
now Angrave, Shaffer?  Not research faculty per se?

Researching Specific Uses of VR
Rosalba Hernandez – Virtual Reality to Improve Emotional Well-being in Hemodialysis Patients
Matt Browning, – nature and VR Lab
Laura Shackelford – educational VR
VR journalism faculty that will come onboard in 2019
I’m sure there are others . . .

VR used in support of research
Manuel Hernandez – visual cliffs
Many others previously connected to the ISL

Not HMD specifically

Can we provide a link for students to register to participate in a VR research project . . .  Is this on the blog, or elsewhere?

YouTube playlist of VR related activities and experiences on campus –

Kesh’s Food Safety Program
Madhu Viswanathan – subsistence marketplace 360 videos
Cory Pettijohn – 360 video field trips / instruction / embedded quizzing
JUMP Simulation Center

Video Vignettes coming soon . . .
Laura Shackelford
Bob Pahre??
Madhu Viswanathan
Rosalba Hernandez
Angrave or Shaffer??

Items for Website: From Box document

Showcase Available Spaces 


  • CITL Tech Hub
  • Grainger Idea Lab
  • UGL Media Commons

Collaborative Viewing Spaces (10-25 people?)

  • CITL Tech Hub
  • Grainger Idea Lab
  • UGL Media Commons

Loanable Technology Venues for VR Hardware

  • UGL Loanable Technology

Consultation Services 

  • Creating 360 Video
  • Editing Media

Highlight larger projects 

  • Showcase known projects