The VR @ Illinois Network supports the use of virtual and augmented reality tools and systems at the University of Illinois. This campus partnership includes:

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning:  http://citl.illinois.edu/vrlab

College of Education:  https://education.illinois.edu/

Grainger Engineering Library Information Center:  https://www.library.illinois.edu/enx/

Health Care Engineering Systems Center:  http://healtheng.illinois.edu/

Library:  https://www.library.illinois.edu/

Media Commons:  https://www.library.illinois.edu/mc/

Technology Services – Research IT:  https://researchit.illinois.edu/

To contact the group please email us at vr@illinois.edu

Architecture Course Holds Conference in Virtual Reality

Students in Tait Johnson’s ARCH 593: Design and Construction Futures held the School’s first conference in Virtual Reality on May 6th! Students designed two virtual conference rooms using Rhino modeling software, then imported their models into the Hubs platform by Mozilla.
Fifty-five live student avatars joined the conference space along with two guest speakers from architecture firms in Illinois. Most participants used the web interface, but several had VR headsets including the two visiting guests.

For more information see their facebook post.

Gies Professor Using Virtual Reality to Make ‘Tax’ Less Taxing for Students

Angel Chatterton is incorporating virtual reality to teach these important tax concepts. For her Principles of Taxation course, Chatterton is using VR to simulate a real life Airbnb. She and a team of three computer science and accounting students superimposed 360 degree GoPro pictures into a virtual reality headset and overlaid multiple choice questions, creating the VR Occulus Go Tax Project. Students can explore a room in the Airbnb, and they’re presented with questions about the proper tax classification for furniture, what is tax deductible, over what period of time is it tax deductible, and what is an expense?

Read the full story here

Using VR to Build Empathy

Accounting faculty, Dr. Justin Leiby sent Master’s students from his Risk Management & Innovation course to CITL’s Virtual Reality Lab to complement in-class work on empathy-building.

“Understanding decision makers’ emotions is a crucial skill in business, especially for a subject like risk that people experience so idiosyncratically . . . VR was an enriching, fun, and powerful exercise of our empathy muscles.”

Virtual Reality Interest Grows Across Campus

With the addition of 16 new VR workstations last summer, The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning is seeing a surge of interest in virtual reality as an educational tool. So far this Spring, CITL’s Innovation Studio has supported classes from Advertising, Psychology, Linguistics, French, Industrial Design, Architecture, Recreation, Sport and Tourism, Business Administration, Education, Informatics, Accounting and Journalism. Get in touch with us to discuss how you can use VR to engage your students, and how this technology could impact your discipline in the near future.

Justin Leiby, Associate Professor of Accountancy and Professor Ken Perry Faculty Fellowship in Accountancy

Tait Johnson, Lecturer Department of Architecture

Latest VR and AR headsets on display at CES 2020

VR@Illinois representatives visited the Consumer Electronics Show in January to test out the latest virtual and augmented headsets and explore the potential of haptics for education use.

Jamie Neslon from the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning tries on the Pico Neo 2 headset.

Besides the 4K Pico Neo 2 shown above, we also had the opportunity to test the new 8K VR headset from Pimax.  The Pico branded headsets are aimed at enterprise markets with no tie in to existing application stores like Steam or Oculus.  The Pimax on the other hand is a consumer headset with the widest field of view available and an incredible 4K resolution per eye.